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sharwanand wedding news

Tollywood performers Ram Charan and Sharwanand, who are known to be closest companions and they are swinging to be co-siblings.    We already know that Upasana Kamineni has married Ram Charan and turned into the little girl in-law of the mega family. according to the most recent reports in tollywood Film unit, Sharwanand is planning to wed Upasana's sister, Because Ram Charan and Sharwanand were dear companions from long days. So all suspected that Ram charan was acquainted with Upasana's sister.    After marriage with Ram Charan, she entered in Mega family. It has turned out that as Sharwanand and Ram Charan are close, Sharwanand was familiar with Upasana's sister. Both the families have given their consent for the wedding, and we can expect the official declaration at any point in the near future. It is said to be an affection cum orchestrated marriage.    On the work side, at present Sharwanand is possessed in his best in class attempt 'Shathamanam Bhavati', composed by Satish Vegeshna and conveyed by Dil Raju.

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