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Actress Taapsee Pannu says she has experienced eve teasing and has been touched

Actress Taapsee Pannu, who highlights in a urgent part in "Pink" — a court dramatization film on wrongdoing against ladies in urban areas — says she has been a casualty of eve-teasing and she was likewise addressed by her folks over her dressing style."I have a place with Delhi and I have been braught up here. Eve-teasing and trick calls were a day by day thing for me. When I used to go to a bus stop or take a DTC bus, or go to themarket — I used to feel it as a piece of my life."I felt that these things will happen no matter what," Taapsee told the media here on Friday.She likewise shared how she has encountered being touched at the "wrong places" while in a swarmed zone or while going in a neighborhood bus."That happened a great deal," she said.  Relating a specific episode, the "Child" performer said: "I am a Sikh. I was 14 or 15 years of age. Once outside a Gurudwara I was remaining in a line amid Guru Nanak Dev's birthday. I was with my friends and I knew someone would attempt to touch me — as I had endured it before moreover.  "So I kept my hand at my back. When some person attempted to touch me, I had that much guts to stop him through my hands, however I didn't have that much quality to move back and see who he was."Taapsee said she was still made to feel as if the "error" was hers."We were informed that there are issues in your dressing styles. Indeed, even in my home, when my father used to see me wearing a short, sleeveless or risqué dress, he used to say, 'Why does she have to wear that dress? Why does she have to go outside following eight in the night?'“So I always used to feel that I have done some mistake. I don’t know what  did wrong, and till today, I am not able to understand that,” she added.

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