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indian army police angry on pakistan

The shameless Attack by Pakistan-upheld aggressors on an armed force camp in Uri has left warriors seething. In the midst of all the displeasure and despondency, an Indian Army officer's effective Hindi poem hammering Pakistan has surprised the nation. In the video that is circulating around the web he says, 'We are lions and children of lions and lions don't fear anybody. Go and tell the Pakistanis that we are not perplexed of bomb impacts or big guns but rather we fear understandings of the Tashkent and Shimla standards.'He goes ahead to say, 'You can make iota bombs and boast however you overlook '65, '71 and '99 wars. Patton tanks were caught by a solitary warrior Abdul Hamid and the Indians torched your American planes. Keep in mind how PNS Ghazi was sunk, recollect how Dhaka was vanquished in a blaze, recall those 90,000 Pakistani detainees of war, recollect the Shimla understanding and the favors of Indira Gandhi.'He insistently says, 'Pakistan, hear this boisterous and clear, on the off chance that this war breaks out you will be devastated. Kashmir will exist yet Pakistan won't.'

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